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Do You Want to Learn Magic DVD Ages 8+
Learn 12 popular street tricks. Then learn one of the most guarded secrets as a magician reveals how to levitate.

Invisible Deck with DVD Ages 12+
This is a secret weapon of professional magicians. Have a spectator select a card at random from their mind and watch the surprise on their face when their card is the only face down card in the deck. No sleight of hand skills are necessary. Bicycle playing stock. The DVD includes 9 great ways to use this deck.

Jaw Droppers DVD Set and Svengali Deck Ages 12+
The Jaw Droppers collection includes 4 two-hour DVDs crammed with 81 mindblowing tricks. This includes 8 hours of amazing secrets & explanations with concise step-by-step instructions. No special props needed and no sleight-of-hand necessary. Set also includes bonus Svengali Deck which is also great for beginner magicians.

Mental Photography Deck with DVD Ages 12+
Magically print faces and backs on a Bicycle deck of blank playing cards. The DVD shows different routines and effects that can be done.

Sponge Balls with DVD Ages 10+
With a little bit of practice these 2" sponge balls are easy to handle and manipulate. This DVD set will show you how to make these red sponge balls multiply and vanish. This is a great way to learn sleight of hand. Your friends and family will think you are a true magician.

Svengali Deck & Jaw Droppers DVD Ages 8+
Get the amazing Svengali Deck and Jaw Droppers' "Get Ready to Learn Magic" DVD. On this DVD you will learn 25 incredible magic tricks with world famous actor and entertainer, Larry Anderson! The best part of all is that it's easy to learn! So, get ready to learn magic!

Thumbtip DVD with Vanishing Kit Ages 7+
Make objects disappear and reappear in one of the most classic fashions. This DVD will show you a variety of 12 different tricks.