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Change Bag Ages 12+
Change one item into another, or pull an item from an empty bag! Stage magicians have been entertaining audiences for centuries with this illusion. This also makes a good volunteer trick.

Torn and Restored Newspaper DVD Ages 12+
A DVD that shows 9 different techniques to one of the most popular tricks of the century. Stage magicians have been mystifying people for years with the effect of the "Torn and Restored Newspaper".

Linking Rings - 8 inch Ages 12+
The magician appears to link and unlink rings right before your eyes. This stage trick can easily be performed in any setting. Includes eight rings.

Silk Cabby and Frame - Mini Ages 13+
One of my favorite stage tricks. Untie three silks from the bar and place into the smaller box. With a wave of the hand, the silks have disappeared out of the smaller box and have reappeared TIED on the bar. This trick gives you two magical moments: one when the silks are gone and the other when they appear tied again. Can have a gospel presentation to it.

Strat-O-Sphere Ages 13+
Make red, green and yellow balls change places in a narrow tube! Your audience will be speechless as you then make the red ball disappear from the joker box and reappear in the tube.

Arm Chopper Ages 18+
Demonstrate this trick by cutting carrots placed both in the top hole and the wrist hole of the Arm Chopper. Harmlessly chop through your spectator's arm and leave audiences awed and amazed.

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