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Sweet Pea the Happy Skunk Ages 8+
Make a skunk look alive. Sweet Pea the Happy Skunk is a spring puppet and comes with easy instructions to create amazingly life-like movements.

Rising Magic Wand Ages 8+
Wand magically rises in your hand and will jump out of your hand.

Flower Production Box Ages 8+
For years, magicians have been making flowers appear. Now you can produce three boxes of flowers out of an empty bag. Audiences will not believe their senses with this classic flower production.

Swallowing Sword Ages 9+
You as a magician appear to swallow a sword. Also can be used as a comedy bit.

Money Die Box Ages 9+
Entertain audiences of all ages. Place the provided coin on one side of the box and make it appear on the other side. String the audience along, as you slide the coin back and forth. Then the trick takes an interesting turn as you make the coin completely vanish.

Linking Rings - 4 inch Ages 10+
The magician appears to link and unlink rings right before your eyes. This stage trick can easily be performed in any setting, on a platform or up close. Includes eight chromed rings with fully illustrated routine.

Square Circle Ages 10+
First show your audience that the outside square box' is empty, then show them that the plastic inner tube is empty as well. A quick wave of the hand, then reach down inside and produce, silks, streamers, flowers, or your favorite prop!

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