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Bill Snatcher Ages 3+
Attach a dollar bill and gather a crowd. When someone reaches to pick up the dollar bill, you release the button and the dollar comes swiftly back to you. Use a twenty to really get attention!

Parking Ticket Ages 9+
Place a fake parking ticket on your mother-in-laws vehicle. This is something the whole family can get a laugh out of. Comes with 25 parking tickets.

Disappearing Ink with Pen Ages 5+
Squirt ink onto a shirt or tablecloth through this pen. Ink will disappear in minutes. (Water based, do not use on dry clean only items) For refill bottles refer to item #503

Dirty Face Soap Ages 5+
Soap that looks white but washes dirty. The same size as you would pick-up in a hotel. Uses a carbon packet in the soap.

Stink Cigarette Loads Ages 12+
Six loads to place in cigarettes that make the cigarette smell and taste bad.

Tricky Knife Ages 5+
Surprise your friends when you plunge this fake knife into your arm. The blade vanishes harmlessly into handle.

Goofy Golf Ball Ages 5+
Give this golf ball to a family member and watch the fun. This ball won't go straight. Watch it as it wiggles and jumps and does everything but go straight.

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