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Squirting Lighter Ages 5+
Have some wet and wild fun with this squirt lighter. Just squeeze the sides and wait for their reaction.

Bar Bug Ages 5+
Freeze the conversation in its tracks when your victim notices a bug frozen in their ice cube.

Rattlesnake Eggs Ages 3+
Startle your friends as they open the envelope and hear a rattlesnake rattle!

Auto Exhaust Whistle Ages 14+
Do you have a co-worker that is driving you mad? This prank will soon be the talk of your place of employment. Put this in his exhaust pipe and he may even take it to a repair shop to see what is going on with his car. Made adjustable to fit all exhaust pipes.

Phony Auto Scratch Ages 6+
Do your friends get a little nervous when they think there is a scratch on their car..... you'll love this prank!

Squirting Chocolate Ages 3+
Would you like a piece of chocolate? may not want to EAT this chocolate. A piece of chocolate that squirts water, your friends will bust out laughing.

Exploding Pen Ages 8+
Load this pen with a cap and give your friends a surprise. When an unsuspecting volunteer pulls the lid off this pen, watch their reaction. (Must have round caps to work)

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