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Auto Exhaust Whistle Ages 14+
Do you have a co-worker that is driving you mad? This prank will soon be the talk of your place of employment. Put this in his exhaust pipe and he may even take it to a repair shop to see what is going on with his car. Made adjustable to fit all exhaust pipes.

Bang Flag Gun Ages 5+
Classic gag! When you aim and pull the trigger a flag pops out that reads "Bang". Great for comic relief.

Bang Wallet Ages 8+
Load this wallet with a cap and a dollar bill then lay it on the ground or other conspicuous place. When someone reaches to pick it up to investigate, you will have a bang-up time. (Must have round caps to work)

Bar Bug Ages 5+
Freeze the conversation in its tracks when your victim notices a bug frozen in their ice cube.

Bill Snatcher Ages 3+
Attach a dollar bill and gather a crowd. When someone reaches to pick up the dollar bill, you release the button and the dollar comes swiftly back to you. Use a twenty to really get attention!

Crack Up Golf Ball Ages 5+
When an unsuspecting golfer strikes this ball, all the people around are sure to explode in laughter.

Dirty Face Soap Ages 5+
Soap that looks white but washes dirty. The same size as you would pick-up in a hotel. Uses a carbon packet in the soap.

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