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Bang Flag Gun Ages 5+
Classic gag! When you aim and pull the trigger a flag pops out that reads "Bang". Great for comic relief.

Bar Bug Ages 5+
Freeze the conversation in its tracks when your victim notices a bug frozen in their ice cube.

Tricky Knife Ages 5+
Surprise your friends when you plunge this fake knife into your arm. The blade vanishes harmlessly into handle.

Space Eyes Ages 5+
To your friends, you may look like someone from outer space. These goofy glasses will appear to make your eyes pop out of your head.

Crack Up Golf Ball Ages 5+
When an unsuspecting golfer strikes this ball, all the people around are sure to explode in laughter.

Goofy Golf Ball Ages 5+
Give this golf ball to a family member and watch the fun. This ball won't go straight. Watch it as it wiggles and jumps and does everything but go straight.

Squirting Flower Ages 5+
Clown around with this fun prank. People have been using this trick for a long time, now you can join in the fun. Wear this flower on your shirt and when they lean closer to take a look, give them a squirt!

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