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Bill Snatcher Ages 3+
Attach a dollar bill and gather a crowd. When someone reaches to pick up the dollar bill, you release the button and the dollar comes swiftly back to you. Use a twenty to really get attention!

Squirting Ring Ages 3+
Wear this ring and squirt your friends and family as they lean forward to take a look at it.

Fart Machine - Remote Controlled Ages 3+
Hide this machine under a dinner table or in a living room and remotely activate it for a lot of fun. It has fifteen different sounds with boombox technology and works up to 100 ft, even works through walls. 9 volt battery not included.

Rattlesnake Eggs Ages 3+
Startle your friends as they open the envelope and hear a rattlesnake rattle!

Squirting Chocolate Ages 3+
Would you like a piece of chocolate? may not want to EAT this chocolate. A piece of chocolate that squirts water, your friends will bust out laughing.

Hand Buzzer Ages 4+
Shake someone's hand and surprise them with a buzzing vibration. Wear this hand buzzer as a ring and your friends will never know what hit them. You can also place it in a seat and watch them jump!

Squirting Nickel Ages 4+
Pull out some change from your pocket and show your friends a nickel. As they inspect the nickel closer, they are in for a wet surprise.

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