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Empire Magic Collection Number 2 Ages 6+
Some of our most popular tricks are contained inside. This easy kit will leave friends and family puzzled. Set includes: Ball and Vase, Coin Slide, Dime and Penny, Crazy Cube.

Empire Magic Collection Number 3 Ages 7+
Cut and restore, predict, and change money with these four tricks. With this kit you can easily fool your loved ones. Set Includes: Coin Base, Block Escape, Zig Zag Box, Flying Coins.

Empire Magic Collection Number 4 Ages 7+
These four tricks make the impossible seem possible. Children can turn money into water and predict outcomes with ease. Set includes: Coin Tray, Money to Water, Die Tunnel, Fortune Card.

Empire Magic Collection Number 5 Ages 8+
Four tricks designed to awe and amaze everyone. Cards change places, coins vanish and pass through solid objects. With practice your child can easily master this set. Set Includes: Jumping Diamond Rod, Coin Nest, Card Box, Coin Coaster.

Empire Magic Collection Number 6 Ages 7+
Make a dollar bill vanish or read your friends mind. This easy set has four tricks including two rope tricks. Set Includes: My Favorite Rope Trick, Zig Zag Rope, Color Vision, and Drawer Box.

Fan-ta-stic Ages 8+
A stick is shown with 6 colors on each side. An audience member chooses a number between 1 and 6. The stick then magically changes to a solid color matching the number they chose.

Floating Match on Card Ages 7+
This easy illusion comes with cards that allow you to float a match on top of it.

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