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Crazy Cube Ages 6+
The magician correctly predicts the number of a die in two sealed tubes.

Cups and Balls (Plastic) Ages 7+
The magician uses three balls to perform a series of deceptive penetrations through high impact cups.

D'Lite Ages 7+
Produce a bright red light at your fingertips. Pull a light out of someone’s ear and put it in your pocket. Christmas is a fun time to transfer lights on the tree and give Rudolph a red nose. You can purchase two D'Lites to toss from hand to hand or person to person. Two sizes available.
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Disappearing Cards and Case Ages 7+
A case of playing cards is placed in a black box then the case of playing cards disappears.

Double headed Nickel Ages 6+
“Heads, I win”, win every time with this coin.
A standard nickel with heads on both sides.

Drawer Box Ages 5+
Make a dollar bill or anything that will fit vanish and appear right before their eyes. The trick is under your control the whole time.

Empire Magic Collection Number 1 Ages 7+
Make dollar bills vanish, appear to print money and so much more. Four easy tricks designed to make you look like a magician. Set Includes: Money Capsule, Snapper, Magic Money Maker, Crystal Coin Case

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