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Shock Magic Candy Jar Ages 14+
Surprise your friends with a quick and harmless shock...batteries included

Silk Cabby and Frame - Mini Ages 13+
One of my favorite stage tricks. Untie three silks from the bar and place into the smaller box. With a wave of the hand, the silks have disappeared out of the smaller box and have reappeared TIED on the bar. This trick gives you two magical moments: one when the silks are gone and the other when they appear tied again. Can have a gospel presentation to it.

Slush Powder Ages 7+
A light-weight powder with the consistency of dry coffee creamer that will turn almost any liquid to solid, Instantly! (4 fluid oz.) Can present with a gospel message to it.

Spiked Coin Illusion Ages 6+
Borrow a quarter from a spectator and leave them clueless. Magically pierce through their quarter with spikes. Remove the quarter from the container and allow them to inspect the gimmick-less quarter.

Sponge Balls Ages 10+
A different set of sponge balls designed for ease and comfort. They measure about 1.5" and are softer to the touch. Includes a great set of instructions.

Sponge Balls with DVD Ages 10+
With a little bit of practice these 2" sponge balls are easy to handle and manipulate. This DVD set will show you how to make these red sponge balls multiply and vanish. This is a great way to learn sleight of hand. Your friends and family will think you are a true magician.

Square Circle Ages 10+
First show your audience that the outside square box' is empty, then show them that the plastic inner tube is empty as well. A quick wave of the hand, then reach down inside and produce, silks, streamers, flowers, or your favorite prop!

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