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Money Die Box Ages 9+
Entertain audiences of all ages. Place the provided coin on one side of the box and make it appear on the other side. String the audience along, as you slide the coin back and forth. Then the trick takes an interesting turn as you make the coin completely vanish.

Mummy Mystery Ages 9+
A red, yellow, or blue mummy is placed into the plastic coffin by a volunteer. You make your correct prediction as your critics are silenced.

Nickles to Dimes Ages 7+
Show the spectator a stack of four nickels and a little brass bottle cap. Place the brass bottle cap over the nickels and they instantly change to a stack of four dimes.

Re-Lighting Birthday Candles Ages 8+
Ten candles that will make any party memorable. These candles are designed to never give up.

Rising Magic Wand Ages 8+
Wand magically rises in your hand and will jump out of your hand.

Scotch & Soda Ages 8+
This magic happens right in the spectator's hand! Show them two coins, a half dollar and a Mexican Centavo. You place both in their hands and the Centavo magically changes into a quarter.

Shock Digital Camera Ages 14+
Zap your friends with a powerful but harmless shock! Hand the camera to a friend and tell them to just push the button on the back to turn on the camera, Then watch the fun. Battery Included. Not a working camera.

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