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Linking Rings - 8 inch Ages 12+
The magician appears to link and unlink rings right before your eyes. This stage trick can easily be performed in any setting. Includes eight rings.

Magic Coloring Book Ages 5+
The magician shows a regular coloring book with different pictures inside that are not colored. Then instantly, the pictures become colored. With another wave of his hand the pages are completely blank. Great for show and tell or birthday parties.

Marked and Stripped Deck Ages 8+
Win every hand of go fish! The cards are secretly marked on the back. With the stripped effect, you can have a spectator select a card and instantly find it in the deck. A trick deck that looks ordinary.

Mental Photography Deck with DVD Ages 12+
Magically print faces and backs on a Bicycle deck of blank playing cards. The DVD shows different routines and effects that can be done.

Million Dollar Money Maker Ages 7+
Change plain paper into a million dollar bill or any other denomination that you provide.

Million Dollar Monte and DVD Ages 12+
This is the best 3 card trick ever! Printed in Bicycle Stock! Top seller in magic shops worldwide! No matter where you see the ace placed, it switches positions! Includes special cards with several performances and additional methods to switch-out the cards, plus more!

Mind Control Ages 7+
The spectator chooses one of the three colors while you as the magician make the correct prediction.

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