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Empire Magic Collection Number 3 Ages 7+
Cut and restore, predict, and change money with these four tricks. With this kit you can easily fool your loved ones. Set Includes: Coin Base, Block Escape, Zig Zag Box, Flying Coins.

Empire Magic Collection Number 4 Ages 7+
These four tricks make the impossible seem possible. Children can turn money into water and predict outcomes with ease. Set includes: Coin Tray, Money to Water, Die Tunnel, Fortune Card.

Empire Magic Collection Number 5 Ages 8+
Four tricks designed to awe and amaze everyone. Cards change places, coins vanish and pass through solid objects. With practice your child can easily master this set. Set Includes: Jumping Diamond Rod, Coin Nest, Card Box, Coin Coaster.

Empire Magic Collection Number 6 Ages 7+
Make a dollar bill vanish or read your friends mind. This easy set has four tricks including two rope tricks. Set Includes: My Favorite Rope Trick, Zig Zag Rope, Color Vision, and Drawer Box.

Fan-ta-stic Ages 8+
A stick is shown with 6 colors on each side. An audience member chooses a number between 1 and 6. The stick then magically changes to a solid color matching the number they chose.

Floating Match on Card Ages 7+
This easy illusion comes with cards that allow you to float a match on top of it.

Flower Production Box Ages 8+
For years, magicians have been making flowers appear. Now you can produce three boxes of flowers out of an empty bag. Audiences will not believe their senses with this classic flower production.

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