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Disappearing Cards and Case Ages 7+
A case of playing cards is placed in a black box then the case of playing cards disappears.

Disappearing Ink Ages 5+
Squirt ink onto a shirt or tablecloth. Ink will disappear in minutes. (Water based, do not use on dry clean only items!)

Do You Want to Learn Magic DVD Ages 8+
Learn 12 popular street tricks. Then learn one of the most guarded secrets as a magician reveals how to levitate.

Double headed Nickel Ages 6+
“Heads, I win”, win every time with this coin.
A standard nickel with heads on both sides.

Drawer Box Ages 5+
Make a dollar bill or anything that will fit vanish and appear right before their eyes. The trick is under your control the whole time.

Empire Magic Collection Number 1 Ages 7+
Make dollar bills vanish, appear to print money and so much more. Four easy tricks designed to make you look like a magician. Set Includes: Money Capsule, Snapper, Magic Money Maker, Crystal Coin Case

Empire Magic Collection Number 2 Ages 6+
Some of our most popular tricks are contained inside. This easy kit will leave friends and family puzzled. Set includes: Ball and Vase, Coin Slide, Dime and Penny, Crazy Cube.

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