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Change Bag Ages 12+
Change one item into another, or pull an item from an empty bag! Stage magicians have been entertaining audiences for centuries with this illusion. This also makes a good volunteer trick.

Chinese Sticks Ages 7+
Pull on the strings and watch the magic. You as a magician hold two separate sticks and have a spectator pull on the strings. As they pull on one string the other string goes up. A mystery that not many can explain.

Coin Slide Ages 5+
Borrow a coin from a spectator and place the coin into the slot. The coin magically vanishes, reappears, or changes into a completely different coin.

Coin Squeeze and DVD Ages 9+
Amazing trick to pull out of your pocket, and perform! Quarters pass through a solid piece of brass. Viewers may examine brass and can even use their own quarters. An instructional DVD is included for your convenience.

Crazy Cube Ages 6+
The magician correctly predicts the number of a die in two sealed tubes.

Cups and Balls (Plastic) Ages 7+
The magician uses three balls to perform a series of deceptive penetrations through high impact cups.

D'Lite Ages 7+
Produce a bright red light at your fingertips. Pull a light out of someone’s ear and put it in your pocket. Christmas is a fun time to transfer lights on the tree and give Rudolph a red nose. You can purchase two D'Lites to toss from hand to hand or person to person. Two sizes available.
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