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Nickles to Dimes Ages 7+
Show the spectator a stack of four nickels and a little brass bottle cap. Place the brass bottle cap over the nickels and they instantly change to a stack of four dimes.

Twelve Gospel Tricks with Things Around the House - Vol. II Ages 7+
12 Gospel Tricks with Things Around the House - Vol. II is the second of a series of Magic Gospel DVDs teaching simple illusions that help present the gospel of Jesus Christ with things around the house.
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Slush Powder Ages 7+
A light-weight powder with the consistency of dry coffee creamer that will turn almost any liquid to solid, Instantly! (4 fluid oz.) Can present with a gospel message to it.

Break-Away Wand Ages 7+
We have a ton of fun with this wand at Dazzle Magic Shop. The wand is straight untill you hand it to your helper and then falls limp.

Empire Magic Collection Number 1 Ages 7+
Make dollar bills vanish, appear to print money and so much more. Four easy tricks designed to make you look like a magician. Set Includes: Money Capsule, Snapper, Magic Money Maker, Crystal Coin Case

Empire Magic Collection Number 3 Ages 7+
Cut and restore, predict, and change money with these four tricks. With this kit you can easily fool your loved ones. Set Includes: Coin Base, Block Escape, Zig Zag Box, Flying Coins.

Empire Magic Collection Number 4 Ages 7+
These four tricks make the impossible seem possible. Children can turn money into water and predict outcomes with ease. Set includes: Coin Tray, Money to Water, Die Tunnel, Fortune Card.

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